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African Headlines

Trump-Taiwan Phone Call Puts China on the Defensive
U.S. President-elect Donald Trump and the leader of Taiwan put China on the defensive late Friday with a historic, upbeat phone call to discuss Washington’s role in possibly helping the diplomatically isolated island gain international status. China’s foreign minister dubbed the 12-minute phone call by Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen a “petty action” that will not lead to changes in Sino-U.S. relations. But the communist leadership will watch for fallout, such as whether Trump again... | 12/3/16 10:55 AM
US Commander Worries About Aid Taliban Receives From Pakistan, Russia, Iran 
The “malign influence” of Pakistan, Russia and Iran with the Taliban-led insurgency, and concerns about future political stability of the Afghan government threaten international efforts aimed at stabilizing the war-raved country, warns a top U.S. commander. “We’re concerned about the external enablement of the insurgent or terrorist groups inside Afghanistan; in particular where they enjoy sanctuary or support from outside governments,” said General John Nicholson, leader of NATO’s... | 12/3/16 10:34 AM
US Fears Heavy Myanmar Hand Could Radicalize Minority Muslims
It’s a scene straight out of Myanmar’s dark past: a military offensive waged beyond world view that forces ethnic minority villagers from the smoldering ruins of their homes. The U.S. government, a key sponsor of Myanmar’s democratic transition, says a security crackdown that has displaced tens of thousands Rohingya Muslims and left an unknown number dead risks radicalizing a downtrodden people and stoking religious tensions in Southeast Asia.   The military moved in after... | 12/3/16 10:05 AM
Harry Potter Play Heading for Broadway in 2018
After a hit debut on London’s West End this summer, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is in talks to move to New York’s Broadway in 2018, producers said Friday. The play, based on author J.K. Rowling’s popular boy wizard character, is being planned for Broadway’s Lyric Theater, which will undergo a multimillion dollar revamp to house the elaborate production, the show’s producers said in a post on Rowling’s website The Lyric Theater is one of Broadway’s largest venues,... | 12/3/16 9:29 AM
US, Russia Exploring Ways to Break Deadlock Over Syria
The United States and Russia are exploring new ways to break a monthlong diplomatic deadlock over how to stop the fighting in the besieged Syrian city of Aleppo, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said Friday. He said the ideas will be tested in follow-up discussions between American and Russian diplomats next week in Geneva. Speaking at a joint news conference with his Italian counterpart in Rome, Kerry urged continued efforts in dealing with the humanitarian situation in Aleppo,... | 12/3/16 9:12 AM
Obama Panel Issues 16 Urgent Cybersecurity Steps 
A presidential commission Friday made 16 urgent recommendations to improve the nation’s cybersecurity, including creating a nutritional-type label to help consumers shop wisely and appointing a new international ambassador on the subject — weeks before President-elect Donald Trump takes office. The release of the 100-page report follows the worst hacking of U.S. government systems in history and accusations by the Obama administration that Russia meddled in the U.S. presidential election... | 12/3/16 8:47 AM
Report: Taliban Hang Afghan Student in Public
Taliban militants hanged a university student in public in a village west of Kabul after accusing him of involvement in the death of a senior Taliban official, a local government spokesman said Saturday. Abdul Rahman Mangal said Faiz ul Rahman Wardak, a fourth-year student at Kabul Polytechnic University, was hanged in Sewaka village in Chak district, 60 km (37 miles) outside the Afghan capital. He said local Taliban insurgents accused him of being involved in the assassination of a... | 12/3/16 8:15 AM
Duterte Calls Trump, Says They Agree on Bilateral Ties, Drug Crackdown
President Rodrigo Duterte said Saturday that Donald Trump wished his deadly crackdown on illegal drugs would succeed during a telephone call, and he assured the U.S. president-elect the Philippines would maintain its ties with America — a departure from Duterte’s hostility toward the Obama administration. Duterte called to congratulate Trump late Friday in their first talk that was described by an aide of the Philippine president as “very engaging, animated conversation” in which both... | 12/3/16 8:02 AM

Caribbean Headlines

When Harry Met RiRi: Prince Harry Meets Rihanna During His Royal Tour of the Caribbean
During his royal tour of the Caribbean on Wednesday (Nov. 30), Prince Harry came face-to-face with pop royalty when he met Rihanna in her native... | 12/1/16 12:44 AM
Prince Harry shares a laugh with Rihanna on Caribbean visit
Prince Harry and Rihanna shared a giggle together as they attended the Golden Anniversary... | 11/30/16 11:00 PM
Prince Harry's Most Awkward Moments From His Caribbean Tour
Awkward! That is the best word to describe several key moments from Prince Harry's Caribbean visit. Harry is on a two-week tour of the area. He is traveling on... | 11/30/16 10:37 PM
ALL AH WE IS ONE: Deathbed dialogue

IN A WEEK THAT has marked the passing of Caribbean revolutionary hero Fidel Castro, my own proximity to the illness and death of the former Chief Town Planner of Barbados, and Caribbean intellectual in... | 11/29/16 4:00 AM
Prince Harry unveils palace hospitality workers scheme
Caribbean hospitality workers will have the chance to train at Buckingham Palace under a new scheme. | 11/29/16 3:42 AM
Meghan Markle's Girls' Night Out!
Meghan Markle enjoys a fun girls' night out while her man works hard in the Caribbean. | 11/27/16 4:32 PM
Prince Harry Drinking Out of a Coconut May Make You Thirsty: See Photos of His Caribbean Visit
Oh, to be that coconut... Prince Harry brought his royal hotness to the Caribbean last week for an official royal visit and is set to remain in the area for another... | 11/26/16 11:09 PM
Anguilla serves the best food in the Caribbean and its beaches are tasty, too 
At 16 miles long and three miles wide, Anguilla has more than 100 restaurants, many of them among the best in the Caribbean. The island has attracted stars including Justin Bieber, Jay-Z and Beyoncé. | 11/26/16 12:40 PM