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Caribbean fisheries managers focus on innovation and cooperation at meeting in Dominica

BELIZE CITY, Belize -- In the face of new and emerging challenges such as climate change adaptation and disaster risk management, and food and nutrition insecurity, Caribbean countries are strengthening collaborative effort which they hope would maximize their initiatives to further drive down poverty rates within fishing communities and improve ... (more) | 4/23/14 7:57 PM
CARIFTA 2014 medal standings

 MEDAL STANDINGS after the fifth session of the 2014 CARIFTA Games, Martinique.











Trinidad and Tobago      

























The Bahamas










St Lucia




















St Kitts and Nevis










British Virgin Islands





Cayman Islands




2 | 4/21/14 7:55 PM
Nine medals for Barbados so far

FORT de FRANCE – Akela Jones and Shamar Rock both celebrated their birthday with gold at the 2014 CARIFTA Games as the Barbados medal tally reached nine – four gold, three silver and two bronze – here at the Stade Municipal Pierre Aliker in Martinique.

Jones, whose 19th birthday is tomorrow, won her second gold medal this morning in the Under-20 girls’ high jump and Rock won gold last night in the Under-20 boys’ long jump, the day he turned 19.

Jones secured her second gold medal in the high jump at 1.84 metres, but was also looking to break the record of 1.87 metres. On her final attempt at 1.88m, the back of her left foot, just below the calf, clipped off the bar.

Second place went to Jamaica’s Safia Morgan with 1.78 metres and Morgan Edvige of Martinique third with 1.65m.

As the rain poured, Rock produced a huge leap which was a foul by the merest of margins. On the next attempt, he bounced up in the sand and pumped his fist, then jumped up and down on the runway in excitement, even before the officials measured the leap.

The 7.56 metres not only won gold, but was a qualifying mark for the Central American and Caribbean (CAC) Juniors and World Juniors. Kevin Philbert of Curacao was second with 7.36 and Jamaica’s Jevaughn Fowler third with 7.19m.

Hayley Matthews won her second silver medal in the javelin, this time at the Under-18 level. Her best throw this morning was 43.17 metres, but Dominica’s Shanee Angol was in a different class with 49.66m. The bronze medal went to Daneliz Thomas of Cayman Islands with 39.59.

Romario Antoine won Barbados’ second bronze medal in his final CARIFTA appearance. With a heave of 16.42m, he took the lead, only for Jamaica’s Demar Gayle to respond in the very same round and snatch gold with 16.72m.

Antoine was in second place for a time, the Trinidad and Tobago’s Kenejah Williams jumped ahead with 16.55m. Debutant Dequan Lovell was fourth with 16.04m, with three fouls.

In the other final contest this morning, Martinique’s Yanis David won gold in the Under-18 girls’ triple jump with 13.10 metres.

Until Rock’s gold medal, last night was one of heartache for the Barbados team.

Tristan Evelyn was fourth in the Under-18 girls’ long jump with a personal best 5.85 metres as David also took gold with 6.24m. Silver went to St Kitts’ Kristal Liburd with 6.01m, while Shonita Brome was eighth with 5.58.

Both of the Under-18 4x100m relay teams also finished fourth with 46.33 and 42.45 seconds, respectively.

As happened in the 100M final, Nelda Huggins of the British Virgin Islands (45.91) passed Evelyn near the finish to get the bronze. The team was switched around with Jaria Hoyte making way for Tiana Bowen on the third leg and Danielle Scantlebury, who had finished the heptathlon with the 800m earlier, running the lead leg. Sada Williams was on the back straight.

Jebarrie Cumberbatch ran a cracker of a back straight to put Barbados among the medals after the lead off by Michael Nicholls, but as he did in the heats, Ramarco Thompson moved off too soon and had to stop and wait.

Not only did he lose speed, he also lost time and when he got the baton to Kentoine Browne, there was too much ground to cover, even though Trinidad and Tobago’s anchor was clearly hurt and just limped over the line.

Jamaica won three of the four relays, with The Bahamas taking the other. | 4/21/14 7:15 PM
CARIFTA 2014: Day two results

Results of events completed on the second day of the 2014 CARIFTA Games at the Stade Municipal Pierre Aliker, Martinique. Abbreviations: LCA – St Lucia, AIA – Anguilla, TRI – Trinidad & Tobago, JA – Jamaica, FGU – French Guiana, BAR – Barbados, BAH – The Bahamas, CUR – Curacao, GUD- Guadeloupe, BVI – British Virgin Islands, BER – Bermuda, GUY – Guyana, BAR – Barbados, DCA – Dominica, SKN – St Kitts/Nevis, MAR – Martinique, TCI – Turks & Caicos Islands, ANT – Antigua and Barbuda, SUR – Suriname, ARU – Aruba.

* Denotes new record in the Under-18 division.


Under-18 Boys’ Shot Put*

1. Vashon McCarty (JA) 17.29 metres, 2. Josh Hazzard (GRN) 15.94m, 3. Warren Barrett (BAH) 15.70m, 10. Triston Gibbons (BAR) 13.81m

Under-20 Girls’ Discus

1 Rochelle Frazer (JA) 46.90m, 2. Paul-Ann Gayle (JA) 45.93, 3. Tynelle Gumbs (BVI) 40.45m

Under-20 Boys’ High Jump

1 Clayton Brown (JA) 2.16m, 2. Christoffe Bryan (JA) 2.16m, 3. Laquan Nairn (BAH) 2.00m/Tahir Jefferson (SKN) 2.00m

Under-18 Girls’ Long Jump*

1. Yanis David (GUA) 6.24m, 2. Kristal Liburd (SKN) 6.01m. Maeva Phesor (GUA) 5.86m, 4. Tristan Evelyn (BAR) 5.85m, 8. Shonita Brome (BAR) 5.58m

Under-18 Boys’ High Jump*

1. Lusahane Wilson (JA) 2.03m, 2. Jahnai Perinchief (BER) 2.03m, 3. Omari Benoit (TRI) 2.00m, 4. Hakeem Clarke (BAR) 2.00m, 7. Josiah Beckles (BAR) 1.90m

Under-20 Girls’ Triple Jump

1 Tamara Moncrieffe (JA) 13.21m, Claudette Allen (JA) 12.69m, Marine Vidal (GUA) 12.65m

Under-20 Boys’ Javelin

1. Shakille Waithe (TRI) 67.53m, 2. Denzel Pratt (BAH) 64.55m, 3. Adrian Williams (SKN) 64.49m

Under-20 Boys’ Long Jump

1. Shamar Rock (BAR) 7.56m. 2. Kevin Philbert (CUR) 7.36m, 3. Jevaughn Fowler (JA) 7.19m

Under-18 Girls’ 400M Hurdles*

1. Shenice Cohen (JA) 59.72, 2.  Shannon Kalawan (JA) 59.95, 3. Dreshanne Rolle (BAH) 60.43, 5. Jaria Hoyte (BAR) 63.96

Under-18 Boys’ 400M Hurdles *

1. Jaheel Hyde (JA) 51.21, 2. Rivaldo Leacock (BAR) 51.37, 3. Kyron McMaster (BVI) 52.85, 4. Michael Nicholls (BAR) 54.35

Under-20 Girls’ 400M Hurdles

1 Kimone Green (JA) 58.47, 2. Andrenette Knight (JA) 59.61, 3. Meghane Grandson (MAR) 60.85

Under-20 Boys’ 400M Hurdles

1. Okeen Williams (JA) 50.99, 2. Marvin Williams (JA) 51.22, 3. Ruebin Walters (TRI) 51.68, 4. Stephen Griffith 53.06

Open Girls’ Pentathlon Final points:

1. Chelsey Linton (DCA) 4 648, 2. Janel Fullerton (JA) 4 588, 3. Miquel Roach (BAH) 4 356, 6. Danielle Scantlebury (BAR) 3 896

Open Boys’ Octathlon Final points:

1. Kevin Roberts (TRI) 5 696, 2. Javel St Paul (GRN) 5 258, 3. Florian Simax (MAR) 5 125, 5. Akeim David (BAR) 5 027

Open Girls’ 3000M*

1. Cassey George (GUY) 10 minutes 03.27 seconds, 2. Britnie Dixon (JA) 10:34.20, 3. Shanieke Watson (JA) 10: 55.42

Under-18 Boys’ 3000M*

1. Jauvaney James (JA) 8:59.15, 2. Shane Buchanan (JA) 9:07.22 3. Luidgi Dyer (CAY) 9:23.70

Under-18 Girls’ 4x100M*

1. Jamaica 44.80 seconds, 2. The Bahamas 45.91, 3. British Virgin Islands 46.30 4. Barbados (Danielle Scantlebury, Sada Williams, Tiana Bowen, Tristan Evelyn) 46.33

Under-18 Boys’ 4x100M*

1. The Bahamas 40.76m 2. Jamaica 40.78, 3. Trinidad and Tobago 42.41, 4. Barbados (Michael Nicholls, Jebarrie Cumberbatch, Ramarco Thompson, Kentoine Browne) 42.45

Under-20 Girls’ 4x100M

1. Jamaica 44.16, 2. Trinidad and Tobago 45.32, 3. The Bahamas 45.47

Under-20 Boys’ 4x100M

1. Jamaica 39.38, 2. The Bahamas 40.35, 3. Trinidad and Tobago 40.71

This does not include the multi-events.
 | 4/21/14 2:00 PM
CARIFTA 2014: Day one results

Results of events completed on the first day of the 2014 CARIFTA Games at the Stade Municipal Pierre Aliker, Martinique. Abbreviations: LCA – St Lucia, AIA – Anguilla, TRI – Trinidad & Tobago, JA – Jamaica, FGU – French Guiana, BAR – Barbados, BAH – The Bahamas, CUR – Curacao, GUD- Guadeloupe, BVI – British Virgin Islands, BER – Bermuda, GUY – Guyana, BAR – Barbados, DCA – Dominica, SKN – St Kitts/Nevis, MAR – Martinique, TCI – Turks & Caicos Islands, ANT – Antigua and Barbuda, SUR – Suriname, ARU – Aruba, DNF – Did not finish.

*Denotes a record in the newly formed Under-18 division.

Under-18 Girls’ Discus*

1. Janel Fullerton (JA) 46.47, 2. Chelsea James (TRI) 43.53, 3.  Devia Brown (JA) 43.31

Under-18 Girls’ High Jump*

1. Lamar Destin (JA) 1.68 metres, 2. Jeanine Allard St Albin (MRT) 1.60m, 2. Sakari Francis (BER) 1.60m. Ashantia Phillips (BAR) no height

Under-18 Boys’ Javelin*

1. Anderson Peters (GRN) 67.67m, 2. Michel Joseph (GRN) 67.23, 3. Travis Ferguson (BAH) 60.40

Under-18 Boys’ Triple Jump*

1 Miguel Van Assen (SUR) 16.33m, 2. Jordon Scott (JA) 15.75m, 3. Obrien Wasome (JA) 15.59m

Under-20 Girls’ Shot Put

1. Rochelle Frazer (JA) 13.63 metres, 2. Jess St John (ANT) 13.26, 3.  Portious Warren (TRI) 12.70. Ashley Williams (BAR) 10.95m

Under-20 Girls’ Long Jump

1. Akela Jones (BAR) 6.32m, 2. Claudette Allen (JA) 6.31m, 3. Mia Pontoparia (GUA) 6.02m

Under-18 Girls’ Shot Put*

1. Chelsea James (TRI) 16.12m, 2. Janel Fullerton (JA) 14.42m, 3. Akida Briggs (TT) 13.79m

Under-18 Boys’ Discus*

1 Vashon McCarty (JA) 54.41m, 2. Warren Barrett (JA) 53.67m, 3. Josh Boateng (GRN) 47.84, 10. Triston Gibbons (BAR) 37.00m

Open Boys’ Pole Vault

1. Mickey Ferdinand (LCA) 3.80m, 2. Jessy Voitier (MAR) 3.50m, 3. Guillaume Erichaud (MAR) 2.80m

Under-18 Girls’ 1500M*

1. Cassey George (GUY) 4 minutes 40.40 seconds, 2. Faheemah Scraders (BER) 4:43.30, 3. Britnie Dixon (JA) 4:53.84

Under-18 Boys’ 1500M*

1. Jauvaney James (JA) 4:07.81, 2. Benjamin Najman (BAH) 4:09.66, 3. Romario Marshall (BAR) 4:09.72, 4. Akeem Marshall (BAR) 4:13.57

Under-20 Girls’ 1500M

1. Sasha-Gaye Whyte (JA) 4:52.44, 2. Monique McPherson (JA) 4:44.08. 3. Cheryl Farial (GUA) 4:4476

Under-20 Boys’ 1500M

1. Chadoye Johnson (JA) 3:56.93, 2. Nicholas Landeau (TRI) 3:58.27, 3. Dage Minors (BER) 3:58.39, 5. Joshua Hunte (BAR) 4:03.68, 8. Dario Grandison (BAR) 4:07.94

Under-18 Girls’ 400M*

1. Sada Williams (BAR) 53.39m 2. Tiffany James (JA)53.79,  3. Meleni Rodney (GRN) 54.45

Under-18 Boys’ 400M*

 1.  Martin Manley (JA) 47.47, 2. Henry Delauze (BAH)47.60, 3. Jamal Walton (CAY) 48.47, 7. Ramarco Thompson (BAR) 49.73

Under-20 Girls’ 400M

1. Kadecia Baird (GUY) 53.84, 2. Dawnalee Loney (JA) 53.90, 3. Yanique McNeil (JA) 54.49

Under-20 Boys’ 400M

1. Machel Cedenio (TT) 45.95, 2. Nathon Allen (JA) 46.97, 3. Asa Guevara (TT) 47.35, Joshua Walcott (BAR) 49.82

Under-18 Girls’ 100M* (wind 3.3)

1. Kimone Shaw (JA) 11.42, 2. Janae Ambrose (BAH) 11.62, 3. Nelda Huggins (BVI) 11.64, 4. Tristan Evelyn (BAR) 11.65

Under-18 Boys’ 100M* (1.9)

1. Raheem Chambers (JA) 10.27, 2.Waseem Williams (JA) 10.33, 3. Javan Martin (BAH) 10.54, Mario Burke (BAR) DNF

Under-20 Girls’ 100M (wind 5.1)

1. Jonielle Smith (JA) 11.17, 2. Aaliyah Telesford (TT) 11.42, 3. Kedisha Dallas (JA) 11.44

Under-20 Boys’ 100M (wind 1.7)

1. Jevaughn Minzie (JA) 10.18, 2. Levi Cadogan (BAR) 10.25, 3. Jonathan Farinha (TT) 10.27

*Results do not include the heptathlon or the octathlon. | 4/20/14 2:55 PM
Dominica opposition explores investment opportunities in Guadeloupe

ROSEAU, Dominica -- During a recent trip to Guadeloupe to meet with Dominican nationals resident there, the opposition United Workers Party Team Dominica inquired into the possibility of further developing and creating new investment opportunities with the French neighbour. | 4/19/14 6:48 AM
OECS entrepreneurs discuss follow-up on business mission to Martinique and Guadeloupe

ROSEAU, Dominica -- The Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States Export Development Unit is working along with entrepreneurs in the region on the next steps after undertaking a successful inaugural fact finding business mission to the French departments of Martinique and Guadeloupe from March 31 to April 4, 2014. | 4/16/14 5:25 AM
Bajan women win warm-up

Warm-up matches before the big day is still considered one of the best ways to prepare for international competition.

The Barbados senior women’s team got a stern test from the Trinidad Ministry of Sports squad Sunday, after the opening of the Barbados Cup as they prepare for a World Cup qualifier in Puerto Rico next month.

The Bajans had to fight hard to earn the 1-0 victory in the 50-minute exhibition game at the National Stadium.

Both teams were strong in midfield but the forwards wasted several opportunities.

It took a close-range effort from star striker Aaliyah Alleyne midway in the second half to break the deadlock.

Her goal followed a wave of sweeping passes on the right that split the Trinidadian’ defence in pieces.

The national team will take on Martinique on May 17, Puerto Rico on May 25 and Dominica on May 27 in the first round of CONCACAF qualifiers for the 2015 World Cup in Canada.

If they top their group they will move on to Trinidad for the second round slated for August 19-24.

The Barbados men's Under-20 unit drew 0-0 against Trinidadian outfit Navarima in another exhibition that lasted only one half.

Both teams had plenty chances that were not converted to goals. The Bajans have World Cup qualifiers kicking off in September.  (AT) | 4/15/14 4:01 AM

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