East-Africa News

Tanzania dam: Power plant planned in Selous Game Reserve
Environmentalists oppose the plan to build the plant in one of East Africa's best-known game reserves. www.bbc.co.uk | 12/12/18 2:52 PM
Utility management in East Africa
Urban areas in East Africa are struggling to meet the high demands for electricity, water and sanitation, and poor, inefficient utility delivery continues to plague countries such as Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. Year-on-year urban population growth is adding pressure to an already over-loaded grid. Electricity and water supply is intermittent and often not regulated enough [&hellip www.itnewsafrica.com | 12/10/18 10:30 AM
Albino Pageant Carries a Serious Message
A groundbreaking beauty pageant chose the first Mr. and Miss Albinism East Africa in Kenya’s capital. People with the hereditary condition have faced discrimination, violence and even murder. www.nytimes.com | 12/1/18 5:07 PM
East Africa to integrate ICT sector to attract foreign investment
Officials from Communication Authority of Kenya (CA) has plans to harmonize the information communication technology (ICT) sector in order to attract more foreign direct investments (FDI) into the region. Francis Wangusi, director general of Communication Authority of Kenya (CA) told a media briefing in Nairobi that the six partner states, including, Burundi, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda [&hellip www.itnewsafrica.com | 11/26/18 6:00 AM
The Kenyan school which changed an American boy's life
Devon Brown from Baltimore, US, says an educational project in East Africa changed his life. www.bbc.co.uk | 10/27/18 11:47 PM
Mastercard, M-Kopa roll out energy solutions in Uganda
Mastercard in partnership with M-KOPA Solar and Centenary Bank, celebrated the first ‘pay-as-you-go’ QR transaction this week, officially launching the initiative, which provides a simple and inexpensive way to power the homes and businesses of Ugandans. M-KOPA, which already provides affordable, safe and clean energy to three million people in East Africa has launched Mastercard’s [&hellip www.itnewsafrica.com | 10/26/18 8:00 AM
Banking in a cashless society will require African solutions for African problems
African economies are well positioned to benefit from rapidly accelerating technological change if they can harness the current open landscape for innovation. East Africa is already a global leader in mobile payments, while mobile money accounts in sub-Saharan Africa are on an upward charge. Apart from being able to leapfrog the limitations and costs of [&hellip www.itnewsafrica.com | 10/17/18 10:00 AM
Paxful looking at cryptocurrency’s potential in East Africa
The need for investing in cryptocurrency is steadily rising in East Africa; specifically Kenya as more and more people are gradually gaining trust/confidence in the use of cryptocurrency. Though cryptocurrency is relatively new and comes with a learning curve, the benefits are a plethora; thus it is good for both sellers and buyers. Cryptocurrency offers [&hellip www.itnewsafrica.com | 10/8/18 11:45 AM