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Coto island

Co To Island is located in Quang Ninh province, there are more than 40 islands of different sizes under the islands. Among them, the three islands have the largest size include Coto Island, Thanh Lan island and island Tran. Because of the relatively large Co To Island, many investors have discovered the potential of this place and to exploit tourism. Beautiful beaches with white sand attached, the blue water in the sky. Whether at the time of day, dawn or sunset, moonlight or even in the morning sun rays early morning, Co are incredible beauty. It all brings unforgettable feelings when you visit this beautiful island.

Travel experience when visiting the Co To Island A romantic path leads to the lighthouse – where there is the highest position on the island where you can observe the whole surroundings. The sky-high pine groves, green trog whispering wind, numerous fragrant grass along the whole mileage. Lighthouse has a height above sea level of about 70 meters. Standing in this place, you can zoom eye to every neighborhood, watching and enjoying charming scenery and tranquility between the mighty ocean. If to Coto at harvest time commitment, you can smell and admire the brilliant orange fields from Lan Thanh Island. Co To is known for diverse ecosystems, thus the travel companies often focus on this type of tourism. Alternatively, you can rent a boat from the people around to experience and explore the area around the island as well as participate in activities such as fishing, scuba diving. As I sat in the boat, just enjoy fresh seafood, harmony with nature and the sea breeze without having to pay the cost is too expensive. Use Ha Long cruise takes about 45 minutes, you can experience all day or even half a day, depending on your requirements and wishes.

How to move on the Co To Island Co To though large, but you absolutely can use motorcycles to explore the whole of this beautiful island. A garden with a variety of different colored stone called The Rock Garden was really exciting cliffhanger curiosity and interest from visitors. Around the vast rice fields. There is a spacious area, is a perfect picnic for families or large groups. Going south, you will see The Light House with attractive light from all sides around. Crossing the rice fields, you can catch more famous beaches like beach Hong Van, Ha Nam Sea – is the newly developed areas and relatively clean for visitors. Accomodation Voyage of discovery you can last from 3-4 days, moving on the boat can make you seasick, so you should be prepared to add some medication to ensure health. Some famous hotels in Quang Ninh and prestigious in the city that you can choose as accommodation, such as Co To Lodge, Green Co To… with affordable and fresh food every day. Rustic beauty, simple but no less charming, with investments and improvements in service quality, Co To Island is sure to become a destination that you can not miss when applying visa to Vietnam to visit the beautiful country.

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